Reliable and accurate synchronization
We've been working hard to provide you a synchronization which is much more smooth, accurate and refined than most of the other third-party multiplayer mods'.
Play however you want!
Bully Multiplayer features the ability to create your own scripts for both client and server side, which lets you customize the gameplay in all aspects. Freeroam, team-deathmatch, roleplay, hide & seek, race and many other fun game modes to play.



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Windows server

Not available yet..

Linux server

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to read the FAQ topic on the forum, which contains more questions.

When will the mod get released?

When it's done.
We simply can't announce a date yet, but we're going to keep you informed.

Can I be a tester, or apply as one?

Thanks for your interest of helping us, but at the moment we do not take any kind of applications. If you want to help us, contribute to the community. Who know's, maybe we will notice and contact you.

Will there be any way to have my own server?

Yes, you'll be able to host your own dedicated server.
We support both Linux and Windows.

What are the limits of Bully Multiplayer?

At the moment, the mod supports 100 players and 200 vehicles, but these are subject to change.

Will be there co-op mode / synced traffic?

No, implementing these features are really hard and time-consuming, especially without the source code of the game. Keep in mind, this is not a production-quality multiplayer.

How can I support you?

If you doesn't have good programming and reverse engineering skills, the only thing you can do is advertising us on social media. Also, you can make videos about the mod, but please don't spread false or inaccurate information.